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October 18, 2010

Contact: Shea Andersen


Otter’s reckless move confounds wolf issue

Keith Allred said today that Idaho should lead the way on wolf management, not run away from the problem. But with his reckless decision to back away from cooperation on wolf management today, Butch Otter has weakened Idaho’s ability to find a real solution.

“Butch Otter just gave away more state power to the federal government,” said Allred. “We need to be asserting our sovereignty, not giving it away.”

Allred shares the frustration of other Idaho sportsmen about a federal judge’s decision to re-list wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

“Idaho can and should manage its wolf population,” Allred said.

Leadership on this challenging issue will require a steady hand.  Unfortunately, Otter has been veering back and forth on this issue. 

Back in early September, Otter said the federal government had until October 7 to come up with a plan for Idaho to manage its own wolf population. Otherwise, he said, Idaho would refuse to manage wolves.  That statement was quickly corrected by Otter’s own staff, who said the deadline actually was not firm, according to The Idaho Statesman.  Now, after letting his own deadline pass, Otter has unilaterally given away Idaho’s ability to manage its wolf population without warning or adequate consultation with interested parties.

“These are tough waters to negotiate,” Allred said. “Butch Otter’s veering back and forth won’t get it done”

“Idaho needs to control its own destiny, and in an Allred administration we’d take control of this issue, not avoid it,” Allred said. “The goal should be to return management to the states. Today”s action flies in the face of that goal.”

Keith Allred is a fifth-generation Idahoan who grew up working on his family's ranches. He has been the leader of The Common Interest, a citizens' advocate group that helped lower property taxes and fight proposals to raise car and pickup registration fees.


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